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Hollow sick.
Soup Hot.
*Shoves a spoonful of soup into their eye*

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Knight and Hollow from Hollow Knight in dark brown, violet and white tones. They are both in a small light violet niche illuminating with light from which violet vines grow into the surrounding darkness. Hollow lies or rather sits in the way too small space. Their body bent over, head lying vertically on the pillow, a small green blanket covering a quarter of their body. Knight stands next to them, with a pot full of soup and shoves a spoonful of it next to Hollow's face. End ID]

Art stream in a few minutes!

Mato adopts Hollow and Ghost

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Knight called Ghost, Mato, Hollow, Grimmchild and weaverlings from Hollow Knight. The artwork is in warm orange, red and purple tones. They are in Mato's hut, full of pillows and shells of dead creatures. Knight sits on the right side of the kitchen counter and mixes something in a pot. There are various spices on the shelves behind them. Mato stands in the middle and shows Hollow how to hold a knife. Hollow who's to the left of him, holds their knife upside down as they bend forward almost touching the ceiling with their horns. On the left side of the counter Grimmchild sleeps on a red pillow and a single weaverling sitting on a vertical desk above them tries to poke their head. Below them on the ground a second weaverling sleeps on a pillow and a third one opens a small box with a red string. There is warm light coming from the ceiling and delicately encompassing the characters. End ID]

Just holding the cape to make sure Hollow won’t get lost.

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Hollow and Knight from Hollow Knight. The piece is in light blue and red tinted black tones. It's dark as they walk through a fluorescent blue pool of something resembling lifeblood. Hollow after Knight who leads them by holding the bottom of Hollow's cape. Hollow looks down at them and holds a blue paper shopping bag full of sweets. There are blue butterflies or lumaflies flying around them, and delicate vines of pure blue leafy matter growing from the pool and dissolving into air. End ID]

A flowercrown for Hollow🌼

[ID: Fanart. Digital artwork depicting Hollow and Knight from Hollow Knight in yellow, pink and blue tones. Hollow sits on the ground surrounded by pillows and plants, and with their head low to the ground faces Knight. Knight stands on a pile of colorful pillows just so they can finish putting a flowercrown on Hollow's head. The background is light yellow or orange with leaves and flowers of various plants. The foreground is at the bottom of the picture and it arches around the characters with blooming dark blue shrubs. End ID]

Artstream! (9.11.2020)

0:30AM (UTC+1) (so in like 2 hours from originally posting this rn)
on Picarto (https://picarto.tv/HiddenCarpet#)

Come and chill!✨

Ok, i'm writing earlier so:


0:30AM (UTC+1), monday (9.11.2020) on Picarto (https://picarto.tv/HiddenCarpet#)

Come and chill!

Just lying out there, in silence

[ID: Fanart. A digital painting depicting Hollow and Knight from Hollow Knight. They are both lying in a circle of white orange light, both on their sides, with Hollow wrapping their arm around Knight. The background is dark purple swirl with white blossoms. End ID]


[ID: a fullbody digital artwork of Sly from Hollow Knight in his red cape. Sly stands on his nail which glides down through the air. He holds onto the handle with his left hand and keeps his right arm loose for balance. The background is beige with patches of orange and pink and dark beige that marks the power of the glide. End ID]

Baker introducing Grimm to sweets? Important

[ID: a digital artwork depicting Grimm and Baker from Grimm's Hollow sitting by the round table in Grimm's house. They are both enjoying some cookies, cake and tea whilist having a conversation. Soft light iluminates the characters from the window behind them. The artwork is in warm orange, pink and violet tones. End ID]

You’re like no other
Let’s blossom into lighter days
Just like your mother
I’d die to see your future ways
Palace - No Other

[ID: A digital artwork depicting Helix which is HiddenCarpet's oc in green, blue, pink and white-ish tones. They have brown skin and medium lenght brown hair decorated with light pink and blue flowers loosely falling onto their shoulders. They wear a dark blue cape with big pink stripes and light blue dots inbetween, a plain sleeveless shirt, brown trousers and fingerless gloves. He stands in the darkness surrounded by vines on which bright blue and pink flowers grow. He stretches his right hand as he’d wish to give to the viewer the pink flower that lays on his open palm. They smile softly at the viewer.

Second image is a cropped version of the artwork. End ID]

hiddencarpet -

Still one of my fave 2019 artworks🌼

They needed a hug

[ID: A digital artwork depicting Lavender and Timmy from Grimm's Hollow in blue, violet and pink tones. Lavender kneels on a blue and purple sand with her hands tightly wrapped around Timmy and cries. Timmy gives her a tiny ghost hug on the side of her head. Next to Lavender lays a simple scythe. The background is black purple. Characters are surrounded by blue and purple stars in form of vertical and horizontal lines and triangles. End ID]

mousey mousey maybe cut your hair

[ID: a cold blue toned digital artwork depicting a gray anthro mouse with straight black hair, icy blue strip marking under mouth and two under the eyes of the same color. They are in a black hoodie and their messy hair falls into their tired eyes. They look into a light screen of a pad that floats below their head. The background is dark purple with lighter blue strokes of light. Foreground is what looks like an obscure cloud of light. End ID]


[ID a halfbody artwork depicting Rytlock and Canach from Guild Wars 2. Rytlock wears a black sleeveless top and hot pink shutter shades. Canach wears a mustard turtleneck sweater, a hot pink shirt with half sleeves and glasses in heart shape of the same color. Canach stands in the darkness in front of the viewer with his arms crossed and a cocky grin. Rytlock stands behind him and faces to the right with his arm around Canach's neck. He laughs. Background is dark purple. End ID]

It’s B-day time AY AY AYY (not that i plan anything more than watching old Kino’s Journey. I know nothing about the anime but i like the aesthetic)

Also happy new year to my jewish followers!!

[ID: a 3 panel digital doodle comic depicting Narcel, an anthropomorphic mouse with messy bangs and a sweater. The background is orangish cream. On the frames of the comic there are drawn tiny stick figurines walking around. The title of the first panel is placed on it's bottom and it's "18.09". Narcel looks ahead of themself with a tired or just neutral face. They sit in their chair and draw on a graphic tablet propped by their legs. The second panel is titled 19.09. Narcel dabs in a pointy birthday hat as confetti falls around them. There is a big handwritten word "B-day!" in a bubble above the character. The third panel is titled 20.09. Narcel sits and slowly slides off their chair. They have a neutral or tired look on their face. End ID]

She stole his glasses
just like his kiss

[ID: A red and brown and yellow toned digital artwork of Lup and Barry from The Adventure Zone: Balance. Lup is brown and has wavy brown hair tied into a ponytail. Her eyes are black. She wears a red robe, a black crop top, black pants and golden earrings. Barry is white and has short brown hair. He wears a red robe, a white shirt and jeans. They are both floating, embracing each other in the middle of an abstract swirl of colorful, mostly red dashes of paint. Lup grasps Barry around his shoulders. She supports the back of his head and holds his glasses in her left hand. With a big loving smile she stares right into his eyes as she draws closer in with her face just bits from his. Barry faces her and draws his hands towards her. There is a warm yellow light behind them at the centre of the swirl and it's so big it almost surrounds them. The second picture is a close up on characters. End ID]

Oh my, it’s been a while since the last time i drew them

[ID: A warm halfbody digital artwork of Lup and Barry from The Adventure Zone: Balance. The artwork is in warm tones. Lup is brown and has wavy brown hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a black blouse, golder earrings and golden bracelets. Barry is white and has brown hair and brown eyes. He’s in a red robe and a white shirt. They are both standing in front of the viewer. Lup leans her hands and head on Barry's head as she stands behind him and smiles with her eyes closed. Barry stands with both of his hands up, with left he touches Lup's cheek and in right he holds a bouquet of abstract red flowers which dissolves into the air around them. He looks up at her with a loving grin. There is a bit of small swirling lights surrounding the characters. Background is light green and gray strokes of paint and a swirl of red petals. End ID]


[ID: a peaceful warm digital artwork depicting Helix, one of HiddenCarpet's ocs. They are a fat muscular brown person with loose shoulder lenght wavy brown hair and sideburns. They have a few yellow flowers in their hair and they are wearing a simple light dress in pink orange color with a loose yellow lace on top. It falls off them, partially uncovering their hairy body with big and messy scars of multiple cuts on the left side of their neck, burn scars on their right shoulder, and breasts with two large nipples. They are sleeping on their back, with one hand on their belly and second hand to the side. Their hair falls onto their face and a big canine stands out of their mouth. They are covered with warm light of bright yellow abstract flowers surrounding them. End ID]

Just one more cuddles with Cuddles

[ID: A digital painting of Rytlock Brimstone and Canach from Guild Wars 2 in warm tones. They are both in PoF armors. They are sitting on the ground, just at the edge of a pond. Rytlock's feet lightly brush against the water. They are surrounded by tall shrubs with purple, red and yellow flowers. Canach sits on Rytlock's legs. His cheeks glow as he kisses one side of Rytlock's face and brushes his fingers against the other. Rytlock looks at him, calm and still. He loosely envelopes his arms around Canach's body. There is warm yellow light coming behind characters'. Second picture is a close up on characters. End ID]

ART COMMISSIONS (with IDs gratis) & KO-FI

Email: hiddencarpet@gmail.com
payment via paypal invoice


further details under my artstyle’s ID and the “keep reading/Read More”.

[ID: HiddenCarpet’s art commission sheet with their digital art. Artstyle is focusing on emotions and colors in a bit of impressionist way. The style is semirealistic and shadows in it are portrayed as half-flat. Artworks have strongly saturated colors. End ID]


Full illustration
- bust: $55
- halfbody: $75
- fullbody: $95
+$35 per each extra character

Loose (loose anatomy, lines, expression. only flat colors)
bust: $25
halfbody: $40
fullbody: $55
+$10 per every extra character

Flat Colors Only
bust: $45
halfbody: $65
fullbody: $85
+$20 per every extra character

Chibi (a simplified body with a big bean head and bean shaped eyes)
Flats and Color respectively
bust: $25 and $35
halfbody: $40 and $50
fullbody: $55 and $65
+$10 and +$15 per every extra character

Background: +$10 and up depending on complexity
Detailed designs: +$10

SFW Only

I will draw: ocs, dnd, gw2, fanart, furry, blood,
I won’t draw: ns/// fw, in/// cest, ped/// ofilia, ETC.

Each artwork comes with a free ID (image description)*
and here’s info about that:
- I’m not a pro writer, and i do lots grammar mistakes.
- Each ID looks different, and also since i’m not a pro, some will be clunky
(It’s all the best i can, and you get it for FREE, and so i won’t be fixing it, however you, as the customer can edit it if you want)
- I write IDs at the end of working process and i may or may not ask you a few questions beforehand, to make sure ID stays true to the picture
- Once an ID is finished, it can be used by anyone without credit.
- You may request me not to write the ID but only if you forbid me from ever sharing the artwork publicly, or when you decide to create your own ID and send it to me Before i send you the full file of the artwork

Examples of my IDs can be found all over my blogs under my art.

*ID (also known as alternative text) is informative text made for blind
and visually impaired people to inform them what’s actually on a picture.

General info:
- SFW only (artistic nudity is fine as long as there is no genitalias)
- prices above are for commissions for personal use only. Do not state my work as your own/anyone else’s. Prices for commercial use will be adequately higher.
- i need at least one visual reference for each character and a short description of what they are like, and any additional information on details i might miss.
- IF there is no visual reference, a long visual description is ok. Otherwise i also recommend using dressing up games or game character creators.
- You have 1 free revision granted, you’ll have to pay extra for more
- i start working at least 2 days after receiving my payment
- First step of work, (when working on poses/scenes) i will draw 3 sketches and send it to you to decide which one of them to work on further)
- finishing one artwork will take about 4 weeks
- refunds only if i haven’t started working, or 50% in case i’m unable to finish my work.
- Do not sell or resell your commission in any way, shape or form.
- Please inform me when the artwork is a gift and so when it's ok for me to post it
- Contact only via email
- i may decline any offer

Also please note that i may have strong internet connection issues and i may take my time replying

Contact: hiddencarpet@gmail.com

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/hiddencarpet#

A loose bust commission for @szallejh. Szallejh was so fun to draw, thank you for commissioning!

[ID: A loose digital painting depicting Szallejh, a Guild Wars 2 asura oc. Szallejh has brown skin with light freckles, long red curly hair tied into two low twintails, and green eyes. She wears a yellow sleeveless top and an orange summer hat with blue flowers, which she supports with her left hand. She smiles widely as she looks at the viewer. Background is light yellow with light blue splashes of paint. End ID]

i love them three graduation kids :heart emoji:

[ID: a digital painting of the 3 Thundermen from The Adventure Zone: Graduation. Firbolg has green skin and long puffy green hair. Argo has blue skin and long blue curly hair, and Fitzroy has brown skin and short brown wavy hair. They all sit with Firbolg in the middle. Firbolg hugs Argo and Fitzroy from behind which catches them off suprise and makes their heads collide with each other. The background is light blue with white splotches of paint. End ID]

What if you were the marshal🌿 and i the commander🐱 and we were close friends holding hands... haha, just kidding... unless?😳

oc: Soft Boi (any pronouns)

[ID: A digital painting of Trahearne from Guild Wars 2 and a commander oc named Soft Boi; in pink, purple, blue and yellow tones. Soft boi is a dark gray charr with black mane with pink ends and violet eyes. They wear a heavy pink armor. Surrounded by colorful flowers and vines, they are both sitting side by side on an edge of a jungle sidehill. Soft Boi rests their tail on Trahearne's legs and looks at him with a soft smile on their face. Trahearne grins at Soft Boi. His eyes are closed and his skin glows with strong pink light. They are holding hands. Second picture is a close up on characters End ID]

Just a little Nott portrait i drew in june as a break from homework :smile emoji:

[ID: a digital artwork depicting a portrait of Nott the brave from Critical Role: Campaign 2. She’s in her second official outfit but her flowercrown is just yellow. She smiles as she stares at the viewer. End ID]